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The Bartender Audio™ Memorization System Is The Fastest Way To Memorize Mix Drink Recipes Guaranteed!
Bartender Audio™ will teach you how to make mix drinks through Audio, mnemonics and interactive training presentations plus many extras.
Let me tell you my story! I was struggling to pay my bills, I had just been laid off and was finding it very hard to find employment because of the economic recession. I needed to try something different to make extra money. I had a friend who worked as a bartender who told me I should become a bartender because it’s a great part-time job to make good amounts of extra money. I thought about it and decided that it was a great idea and decided to go to Bartending School.

Let’s make a toast to the unique discovery of The Bartender Audio Memorization System! The Bartender Audio Memorization System will teach you all the skills you need to get and keep a job as a professional bartender so you can earn $200-$400 a night. Bartending truly is a great way to earn lots of extra money on the weekends.
How do bartenders do that?

Whenever you go to a bar to order your favorite drink, did you ever see bartenders flip through a recipe book? Certainly not. Has it ever crossed your mind how these bartenders remember how to mix all those confusing cocktail drinks and liquor concoctions as fast as lightning?

How can I help you do better?

Mixing a drink is easy if you can remember how to mix them. With a lot of guests ordering at the same time, it can be quite difficult to remember mix drinks in such a busy environment. A good bartender requires rapid memory skills to remember how to mix many drinks. It is really crucial that you can remember a number of mix drinks quickly. Without a doubt, it will help you to land a position as a bartender if you are familiar of drinks, both well known and peculiar. High-volume bars and clubs require super-fast recall of cocktail recipes and there is not enough time to scan through your recipe book.

The good news is there is an easier and faster way to learn the many mix drinks and cocktails. If you’re an aspiring cocktail mixer, you can ditch bartender school and do everything on your own. Thanks to the Bartender Audio™ Memorization System you can skip bartending school, save time and money and get your bartending training at home.

The Bartender Audio™ Memorization System, will guarantee you know all you need to obtain and keep the bartending career you want.

This memorization system has been comprehensively developed and perfected with the help of skilled professional bartenders as well as experts in the field of memory. The Bartender Audio™ Memorization System utilizes well-known methods such as mnemonics, repetition and word-association to make certain you never forget a drink ever again.

How does the Bartender Audio™ Memorization System work?

Most bartending courses regularly teach from a book and index cards and simply force you to remember all the hundreds of recipes, which will involve hundreds of hours to study, repetition and training. This technique rarely helps you remember the hundreds of drinks you will need to remember. The Bartender Audio™ Memorization System uses mnemonics as a proven method to help you remember mix drinks. Studies have proven that memorization and recall is significantly improved when using specific cognitive methods. This memorization system combines proven memory methods and audio learning to reduce the learning curve and provide the best mix drink memorization system ever created.

Audio learning has been the learning method of preference for decades in the area of foreign language learning and comprehension. Whether listening as you drift off to sleep, in the car off to work or on the way to the gym, audio reinforcement is scientifically proven and tested for passive learning. The more times you hear the mnemonic you will remember.
What is a mnemonic?

A mnemonic (pronounced as "neh-mon-ik") is a memory device used to enhance memory of complex information by means of letter patterns, ideas, or word associations. Imagine when you were back in grade school where you most likely studied a few mnemonics. How about learning the names and order of the nine planets.
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas”? 
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
For several centuries, people have been using mnemonics and other memory techniques to retain hard-to-remember information with much ease.

Examples of a mnemonic in drink recipes you can truly benefit from:

Boccie Ball - Am'a'ready for some Boccie Ball, Orange you? (Amaretto, Orange Juice)

Presbyterian - Why Get Sober (Whiskey, Gingerale Soda)

Silk Panties - Very Pretty (Vodka, Peach Schnapps)
Snake Bite - Yucky Lizard (Yukon Jack, Splash of Lime Juice)
Ask yourself these questions…

• Would I like to be a bartender without going to Bartending School?

• Are you so busy you don’t have time to go to Bartending classes?

• Want to be a bartender without paying $500-600 bucks to go to Bartending School?

• Would you like to earn big bucks on the weekends?

Advantages of Bartender Audio™ Memorization System

• Learn more than 250+ of the most up-to-date drink recipes, from mixed drinks to margaritas to martinis in an interactive training presentation.

• Bartender Audio™ Memorization System is professionally produced and digitally mastered by top-notch voice talent.

• Gain instant recall of any drink in a matter of seconds from hearing its name.

• Be totally confident behind the bar, fully prepared to make any mix drink order that comes your way.

• Bartender Audio™ Memorization System is built, tested and perfected by skilled, professional bartenders and expert mixologists.

• Do away with bartending classes and all those hundreds of hours studying mix drink recipes.

• Every recipe's ingredient spoken clearly and repeatedly to facilitate in memorization.

• Discover how to create new mnemonics for your original drink creations or latest drinks you've learned from others.

• Learn all the tools of a bartender with an in-depth tour behind the bar.

• Learn flair bartending tricks and techniques to take your bartender flair and money earning potential to another level.
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Work as a part time bartender and make some serious cash!
Long story short, I wasted $600 for the classes and never was able to remember all the recipes. I found out the hard way that bartending schools teach with only books and index cards. I would rush many times a week, fighting traffic just to make it to my bartending class on time. I studied for weeks and weeks and I could never remember the two-hundred drinks I needed to secure my bartender certification. Then one day I had a great Idea, what if I could listen to these recipes on through my stereo while I drive, through my headphones while I work-out, through my computer while I'm at work - that would be perfect. At that moment, the first Bartending Audio system and bartending guide was born.
"I never thought I would be able to memorize as many drinks as fast as I did. I am happy because now I can remember hundreds of drinks that customers want much more quickly." -Steve R.
”I took bartending classes before, but the hardest part is remembering all the drinks. The classes were non-productive and I had no improvements after lots of time studying. This memorization method (Bartender Audio) helped me learn drinks fast. In a matter of Three hours, this course did more than my 4 week bartending class." -Amy F.
“I decided to jump in to take a chance. After almost giving up trying to remember mix drink recipes. I bought Bartender Audio system and with the bartenders guide included in the system I soon found myself with all the Bartending skills I could ever need and then some! It’s well worth the little bit of loot you’ll spend!" -Michael D.
"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Bartender Audio System. The system start to finish has been great to use. I really love the fact that now I can learn the mix drink recipes anywhere I go. I never had the time to goto a bartending class. Now I regularly work at a bar every weekend and the advice and tricks that was given in the system help me to earn alot more money on the busy weekends. I am glad I found the Bartender Audio System!" -Shawn F.
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